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AESTA is the association for professional therapists and those interested in Ego State Therapy. The association offers training courses, workshops, seminars as well as certification to professional practitioner level.

Ego State Therapy has become a very popular therapeutic intervention strategy and powerful method of resolving many personal client issues in therapy.

It is not only highly effective in helping to resolve the inner conflicts and self-division that result from trauma and contribute to many clinical problems, but also suitable for a variety of symptoms like anxiety, OCD, depression, anorexia etc. or for strengthening the personality in sports, school or at work.

See the ‘About’ tab for the background and pioneers of Ego State Therapy and how it has evolved to the ‘go to’ therapy it is today.

AESTA is a non-profit organisation

AESTA is a non-profit organisation, committed to education and support for therapists providing appropriate service to clients in a clinical environment.

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AESTA offers a tiered membership level facility for professional clinical therapists, to student intern therapists or people interested in the Ego State Theory, it’s history and direction.
See the Membership levels and benefits offered on the Membership page.

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