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The Australasian Ego State Therapy Association (AESTA) listing of professional therapists is made up of selected members who have completed the Clinical Course and who are in current clinical practise as a professional therapist (practising Ego State Therapy / Resource Therapy).

Our database of Ego State practitioners is being compiled currently and is not available as a full listing as yet.
If you are a member and a Clinical (formerly Diploma) Course Graduate in clinical practise please contact us to be included on our practitioner database and listing.

When searching for an Ego State therapist please remember to ask what other modes of therapy they use and determine if the therapist is the type of practitioner you require. For example some are Doctors and/or psychologists and some are either registered Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists or Psychoanalysts. Ego Sate Therapy can be used along side any of these modes of therapy with great success.

For a listing of qualified, registered Ego State therapists & Resource Therapist download this Ego State Therapists List (PDF) now.
Note: this list is always being revised. If you are a registered Ego State Therapist and would like to be listed please contact us via the Contacts Page.