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Insurance House Group currently manage the insurance for over 15,000 Health Professionals.  Their policy offers cover for over 150 different approved modalities, has no excess, offers excellent coverage and all at a very competitive cost.

Please note that Ego State Therapy is an approved Modality covered by Insurance House.  Resource Therapy is an Advanced form of Ego State Therapy, but is as yet unrecognised as an approved modality under the new name of Resource Therapy. Practising Clinical therapists and AESTA members can insure as Ego State therapists. You must be qualified in the modalities you practise.

To see the approved modalities list download this PDF  Insurance House Info Sheet and approved modalities list

To purchase the insurance simply follow this link.

Once there select ‘Insurance Quote’, then choose ‘Health Professionals’.
Within minutes you will receive your receipt, tax invoice and policy confirmation by email.

Should you have any queries please contact Insurance House directly on 1300 659 626 (toll free).